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Dispute Over Actor Mr. Ibu’s Assets Leads to Alleged Physical Confrontation Between Son and Brother

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Prince Jean

Mar 14, 2024


Altercation reportedly broke out between the late Mr. Ibu’s son and his brother during a meeting concerning the distribution of the veteran actor’s properties. Image/@ibbu

A recent meeting regarding the allocation of assets belonging to the late John Okafor, popularly known as Mr. Ibu, reportedly escalated into a physical altercation between the actor's son and brother. The event, which has since gained considerable attention on social media platforms, underscores a growing family dispute following Mr. Ibu's passing a few weeks ago after a lengthy illness.

Eyewitness accounts, including those from blogger Tosin Silverdam, suggest that the disagreement over the division of the late actor's estate became heated, resulting in injuries to both family members involved. Visual evidence shared online, displaying bruises on Mr. Ibu's son, further amplifies concerns regarding the incident.

While the specifics of the altercation, including the precise reasons for the dispute and the severity of the injuries, remain undisclosed, the incident has sparked widespread speculation and concern among the public and fans of the late actor.

The entertainment industry is still coming to terms with the loss of Mr. Ibu, a figure celebrated for his contributions to comedy and acting. His passing, announced by Tosin Silverdam and corroborated by others in the media, has left a void in the hearts of many admirers.

As the situation unfolds, the lack of an official statement from the family regarding the recent conflict has left many questions unanswered, with fans and observers alike hoping for a resolution that honors the legacy of the beloved actor.

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