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Davido Removes BNXN from Instagram Following and Erases Tweet About Their Upcoming Collaboration After BNXN's Provocative Remarks

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Prince Jean

Mar 8, 2024

Nigerian Music

Davido and BNXN' S Friendship seems to be Fallen Out.

Nigerian singer Davido has taken decisive action after a fiery exchange with fellow artist BNXN. Following a shady tweet from BNXN directed at him, Davido unfollowed BNXN on Instagram. The tweet in question arose when a Davido fan labeled BNXN as a “mid” artist in the Nigerian music industry.

BNXN’s response was swift and unapologetic, asserting that the fan had no right to comment on music, especially considering their loyalty to Davido. In a deleted tweet, Davido had previously teased a collaboration with BNXN, but the situation escalated, leading to the unfollowing action.

BNXN, undeterred, boldly claimed that he wrote the entire song that Davido had hailed as a “classic”.

The drama continues, leaving fans intrigued and speculating about the future of their potential project.

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