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Top 10 Restaurants and cafés in Rabat Morocco.

Embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant city of Rabat, where each café and restaurant offers its own unique blend of flavors and experiences

As the dynamic heart of Morocco, Rabat is not just a historical and cultural haven but also a thriving center for culinary delights. The city's gastronomy is a harmonious fusion of Arab, Berber, and French culinary traditions, creating a rich and diverse food scene. In the winding alleys of its ancient medinas and the bustling streets of modern neighborhoods, Rabat unfolds a plethora of gastronomic experiences.

Here, quaint cafés offer the quintessential Moroccan mint tea and delectable pastries, while upscale restaurants present a fusion of local and international cuisines. As we delve into the gastronomic heart of Rabat, let's explore the top 10 cafes and restaurants that embody the essence of this vibrant city's multifaceted culinary heritage

Here are 10 of the best spots to indulge your taste buds in Rabat

1. Dar Zaki

Nestled in the heart of Rabat, this authentic Moroccan restaurant serves a variety of traditional dishes, including tagine with honey and couscous. It's known for its warm ambience and traditional music.

- Location: Rue Moulay Brahim, Rabat 10000, Morocco.


Offering a diverse menu, this café serves breakfast dishes like fried eggs with toast and American waffles, and later in the day, Italian pizza and American burgers.

- Location: 34 BIS Rue Oued Fès, Rabat 10090, Morocco.

3. Feu de Bois

Specializing in Italian pizza, grilled steaks, fresh salads, and Moroccan couscous, this restaurant provides a variety of options to cater to different tastes.

- Location: Address not specified.

4. Golden Fish

Located in the Sofitel Hotel, this seafood restaurant is known for its fresh flavors, from fish to crab cakes and calamari, all served in a beautifully designed garden setting.

- Location: Sofitel Hotel, Rabat.

5. Restaurant Borj Eddar

Situated on the beach of Sidi El Yabouri, this restaurant offers Moroccan cuisine with a focus on fish and seafood, complemented by stunning views over the Atlantic.

- Location: Sidi El Yabouri Beach, Rabat.

6. Ty Potes Restaurant

Offering a taste of Europe in Rabat, this restaurant is famous for its crêpes and oysters, along with a cozy garden terrace.

- Location: 11, Rue Gafsa, Rabat.

7. Le Cosmopolitan

This restaurant serves well-prepared French cuisine, ideal for those seeking a change from traditional Moroccan dishes. It features a garden terrace with views of Rabat's walls.

- Location: Av Ibn Toumert, behind Rabat Ville station.

8. La Brasserie

Located in the Hotel Diwan, this restaurant offers French cuisine in an ambiance reminiscent of French breweries of the belle époque, perfect for special occasions.

- Location: Pl de L’Unité Africaine, Rabat.

9. Restaurant Le Petit Plus

A French-style kitchen in the Hay Riyadh District, offering fish, seafood, and meat dishes, along with live music and karaoke on certain nights.

- Location: Mahaj Riad Square, Rabat.

10. Asian Restaurant

Serving Asian food including Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine in an open dining room, this restaurant offers an alternative to the local Moroccan fare.

- Location: 32, Avenue Al Araar, Rabat.

These culinary gems in Rabat offer a wide array of choices, from local Moroccan flavors to international cuisines, each providing an unforgettable dining experience in Morocco's charming capital.

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