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5 Spots For indoor swimming in Morocco

Updated: May 7

Morocco, a country where the sun kisses the sands and the ancient medinas echo tales of a rich history, offers a unique blend of cultural heritage, bustling markets, and breathtaking landscapes.

Among its many treasures, Morocco is a haven for those seeking a serene escape in the form of indoor swimming. This guide is dedicated to uncovering the best indoor swimming spots across this North African gem, where the fusion of Arab, Berber, and European influences creates a mosaic of experiences for every traveler.

The allure of indoor swimming in Morocco lies not just in the activity itself but in the surroundings that frame these aquatic retreats. From the luxurious Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech, where opulence meets tranquility, to the serene Riad Farhan, nestled in the heart of the Medina, each location offers more than just a swim; they offer an experience. These indoor pools serve as oases, providing a refreshing respite from the Moroccan heat, and are often set against a backdrop of traditional architecture and modern luxury.

The Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech, for instance, is more than just a hotel; it is a destination in itself. Here, the indoor pool is a centerpiece, surrounded by lush gardens and views of the Atlas Mountains, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling city. Similarly, Les Jardins De La Koutoubia, with its heated indoor pool, provides a haven of relaxation, enhanced by the charm of its location near historic squares and palaces.

Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech

This luxurious hotel in Marrakech offers beautiful views of the Atlas Mountains and includes both outdoor and indoor pools. The hotel is known for its elegant decor, comfortable accommodations, and is situated close to major tourist attractions.

The Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech offers a luxurious swimming experience set in an elegant and serene environment. The hotel is situated among 20 hectares of beautifully landscaped gardens with the Atlas Mountains as a stunning backdrop.

It features private villas, each with its own private garden and swimming pool, providing guests with a private and exclusive experience. Additionally, the hotel boasts extensive areas for sunbathing and shaded alfresco dining, making it ideal for relaxation and enjoying the outdoors.

Les Jardins De La Koutoubia

Located in the heart of Marrakech, this hotel provides a high-end experience with a variety of comforts including an indoor heated pool, a spa, and multiple dining options. It's well-equipped for a relaxing stay, offering a blend of Moroccan and European gastronomy.

The hotel, known for its lush gardens, palatial designs, and modern decor, is a luxurious riad that has been owned by the Ouarzazi family since the 13th century. It's been updated to provide a blend of traditional Moroccan and modern styles, ensuring a unique and comfortable stay. Located in the old medina of Marrakech, it's close to historical attractions, restaurants, and cafes, making it a convenient base for exploring the city.

Guests staying at Les Jardins De La Koutoubia can also enjoy a range of dining options, including Moroccan, French, and Indian cuisines, served in various settings like poolside bars and rooftop restaurants. For relaxation, the Carita spa offers Moroccan architecture, hammams, and a variety of treatments and massage rooms.

Vichy Célestins Spa Hôtel Casablanca

Vichy Célestins Spa Hôtel Casablanca offers an exceptional swimming experience with both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, some of which are heated. Situated in Bouznika, the hotel is known for its Wellness Luxury Clinic that provides a range of Vichy care programs. Alongside its swimming facilities, the hotel also boasts a golf course and various restaurants serving both gastronomic and dietary cuisines.

The Wellness Centre is equipped with advanced technologies for a variety of treatments and includes activities like aqua sports. The hotel, highly rated for its location and facilities, provides a perfect blend of relaxation, wellness, and luxury for its guests Situated in Bouznika, this hotel features both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, some of which are heated.

It's known for its Wellness Luxury Clinic and also provides evening entertainment and a golf course.

Riad Farhan

Located in Marrakech, Riad Farhan offers an indoor pool and is equipped with free WiFi. The rooms are air-conditioned, providing a comfortable stay.

Riad Farhan in Marrakech offers a pleasant swimming experience with its indoor swimming pool. This Riad is known for its cozy atmosphere and features a variety of amenities to enhance your stay. The swimming pool is complemented by a sun terrace, which is ideal for relaxation. The property is also well-rated for its superb facilities and comfortable accommodations, making it a great choice for those looking to enjoy a refreshing swim during their stay.

Guests at Riad Farhan can also enjoy other facilities such as free Wi-Fi in public areas, a restaurant, a snack bar, and a full-service spa offering various treatments. For families, the Riad provides services like babysitting and children's menu. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, heating, and other amenities for a comfortable stay.

Located in the heart of Marrakesh, Riad Farhan is conveniently situated close to local attractions like the Souk of the Medina and Jemaa el-Fnaa, offering guests an authentic Marrakech experience. The Riad's location is highly appreciated by guests for its proximity to these popular spots.

Riad Dama & Spa

Also in Marrakech, this 19th-century guest house has a pool and a patio with a fountain. It's located just a 10-minute walk from Jemaâ El Fna Square, making it convenient for exploring the city. It features an indoor swimming pool, which seems to be one of its main attractions.

The guest house is conveniently located just a 10-minute walk from Jemaâ El Fna Square in central Marrakech, making it an ideal spot for tourists looking to explore the city. In addition to the pool, Riad Dama & Spa provides facilities such as a terrace, a patio with a fountain, and various lounge areas with a hot tub.

The rooms at Riad Dama & Spa are air-conditioned and decorated in an authentic Moroccan style. Many of these rooms have private bathrooms and some even open up to a terrace. The property also boasts a traditional hammam and offers massage treatments, adding to the relaxing experience for guests.

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