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World Bank Approves $2.25 Billion Loan to Support Nigeria's Economic Reforms

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louis Buyisiwe

Jun 18, 2024

Funding to Enhance Public Services and Promote Budget Sustainability Amid Union Opposition

World Bank

The World Bank has approved a $2.25 billion loan to Nigeria, aimed at bolstering economic reforms and providing enhanced support for the nation's poor. This significant financial support comes as part of the efforts to stabilize Nigeria's economy following the reforms initiated by President Bola Tinubu last year.

The primary focus of the loan is to help Nigeria increase its non-oil revenues, thereby promoting budget sustainability. These funds are expected to improve public services, which is crucial for the country's development. By diversifying revenue sources, the government aims to reduce its dependence on oil, which has historically been a volatile income stream.

The loan will be instrumental in enhancing public services, making them more efficient and accessible to the Nigerian populace. This move is expected to address some of the systemic challenges faced by the country, ensuring that the benefits of economic growth are more evenly distributed among its citizens.

Despite the potential benefits, the reforms have faced opposition from unions. They argue that the changes could negatively impact workers and the poor, who might bear the brunt of economic adjustments. The government, however, maintains that these reforms are necessary for long-term economic stability and growth.

The approval of this $2.25 billion loan by the World Bank represents a significant step towards achieving economic stability and growth in Nigeria. By increasing non-oil revenues and promoting budget sustainability, the country aims to improve public services and support its poor population. As Nigeria navigates these reforms, the balance between economic growth and social impact remains a critical focus.

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