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Wizkid Faces Accusations of Seeking Attention Following His Disassociation from Afrobeats

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Prince Jean

Mar 28, 2024

Nigerian Music

In a recent segment of Pulse Hot Take, commentators Obong Roviel and Basito delved into Wizkid's pointed statement distancing himself from the Afrobeats genre. Image from Instagram/@wizkidayo

In the most recent edition of Pulse Hot Take, panelists Obong Roviel and Basito engaged in a spirited discussion regarding Wizkid's bold declaration of separation from the Afrobeats genre. Wizkid, in a sequence of social media posts, advised fans of his Afrobeats hits like 'Pakurumo' to steer clear of his upcoming album, further asserting his identity beyond the confines of Afrobeats. His remarks, coupled with a plea for Nigerian media to refrain from covering his forthcoming work, sparked widespread debate online.

Obong Roviel interpreted Wizkid's statements as a strategic move to generate buzz, likening it to Burna Boy's previous comments on Afrobeats' supposed lack of depth prior to his album release, 'I Told Them.' Roviel criticized the notion of genre constraints, arguing that artists are capable of transcending genre boundaries, as evidenced by Drake's foray into pop music despite being a rapper.

Conversely, Basito, a known Wizkid enthusiast, presented an alternative perspective, suggesting that the Afrobeats label may indeed restrict African artists' visibility and recognition in the global music arena, particularly in international award categories.

Despite these assertions, evidence su

ggests that the Afrobeats label does not inherently limit artists' ability to explore and succeed in other musical genres. This is exemplified by Wizkid's win in the R&B category at the BET Awards for 'Essence' and Burna Boy's nomination in the Best Melodious Hip Hop category at the 66th Grammys for his collaboration with 21 Savage. These achievements underscore the potential for Nigerian artists to gain acknowledgment across diverse categories, challenging the notion that the Afrobeats tag serves as a barrier to broader musical and industry recognition.

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