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Wilfried Nathan Doualla: Cameroon Midfielder Exonerated in Age Fraud Allegation Amid Ongoing Debate

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Prince Jean

Mar 23, 2024


The 17-years-old Wilfried Nathan Doualla. @footballghana

Cameroon's football authority, Fecafoot, has reinstated Nathan Doualla, the nation's promising young midfielder, for the Elite League play-offs despite lingering controversies surrounding allegations of age falsification. The 17-year-old, who made headlines with his inclusion in the Indomitable Lions' squad for this year's Africa Cup of Nations, was previously suspended along with 61 others due to issues of dual identification. Questions arose when it was discovered he might have competed in the league under a different name and age, sparking an investigation that led to his temporary suspension.

In a surprising turn, Fecafoot announced Doualla's eligibility for the upcoming play-offs without detailing the verification process of his identity, amid widespread scrutiny and discussions within the football community. This decision came after assertions from former national player Bernard Tchoutang and Victoria United, Doualla's club, which presented evidence claiming the disputed identity belonged to Doualla's deceased brother, urging the public to support Doualla's continued participation in football.

The controversy has cast a shadow over Cameroon's football reputation, already marred by past scandals involving age and identity fraud within its ranks. This incident underscores ongoing challenges in governance and integrity within the sport, echoing concerns raised by the international community and local journalists about the transparency and management of football affairs in the country.

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