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Uzor Arukwe Takes the Spotlight in Nollywood’s Undead Thriller: ‘Alive Till Dawn’

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Prince Jean

Feb 26, 2024


The Enigma in Blue. IMAGE: Instagram/ Uzor.arukwe

In the heart of Nollywood’s bustling film industry, actor Uzor Arukwe steps into a role that’s as intriguing as it is unexpected. Brace yourselves for “Alive Till Dawn”, a zombie movie set against the chaotic backdrop of a virus outbreak. But this isn’t your run-of-the-mill apocalypse—oh no! It’s a pulse-pounding tale of survival, where an unlikely alliance forms within the walls of a besieged police station.

Picture this: civilians, police officers, and even a few shady characters find themselves trapped together. Their mission? To outwit treacherous undead hordes and escape the building. The stakes are high—reach a rumored haven or risk becoming the very monsters they’re fighting against.

Directed by the talented Leo Obienyi, the same mind behind the zombie-themed short film Road to Jabi, this feature-length thriller promises suspense, unexpected alliances, and adrenaline-fueled action. And who better to lead this charge than Uzor Arukwe himself? Fresh off the success of A Tribe Called Judah, he dives headfirst into uncharted territory, ready to redefine Nollywood’s zombie genre.

So mark your calendars, because when dawn breaks, the undead won’t be the only ones stirring. “Alive Till Dawn” is coming soon to cinemas nationwide! [pulse]

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