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Usain Bolt Discusses Premature Retirement and Gaining Perspective from Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

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Prince Jean

Mar 26, 2024


Usain Bolt, World's fastest man in history. @pulse

In a recent discussion with Athletics Weekly, Usain Bolt, the acclaimed fastest man in history, opened up about the advice he continually receives from his coach, Glen Mills, regarding his retirement decision. Mills frequently suggests that Bolt, who concluded his illustrious career in 2017 following the World Championships in London, might have retired prematurely. He points to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce's successful return to track after maternity leave as a model Bolt could have emulated.

"When I watch the girls compete like Shelly-Ann, I still get nervous. And my coach always says if Shelly-Ann could be doing this, then you could be, so I always laugh about that,"

Bolt shared, reflecting on his coach's perspective.

Bolt, now 37, retired after securing a bronze medal in the 100m event at the 2017 World Championships, marking his final podium appearance and his first major defeat since 2007. The decision to retire, as Mills often remarks, could have been reconsidered, especially in light of Fraser-Pryce's impressive comeback post-parenthood at the same age. Despite stepping away from the competitive arena, Bolt admits to missing the unique adrenaline rush and the enthusiastic support from fans during events.

"It's the crowd. The first entry into the stadium, they see you and scream. That first trial when you set your blocks, the energy picks up. So for me, It's just the adrenaline and the vibes, the energy. So that's something that I miss," he conveyed, reminiscing about the electric atmosphere of the stadium.

On the other hand, Fraser-Pryce, a five-time world champion with a career spanning over fifteen years, has declared her intention to retire following the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. In an intimate revelation to Essence magazine, she cited her family's needs as the primary reason for her decision.

“My son needs me. My husband and I have been together since before I won in 2008. He has sacrificed for me. We’re a partnership, a team. I think I now owe it to them to do something else,”

Fraser-Pryce stated, highlighting her commitment to her family post-retirement.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Celebrates World Championship Victory with her Son Zyon in 2019. @pulse

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