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US Lawmakers Lead Resolution to Repeal Uganda's Anti-Gay Law

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Griffith Sarah

Jun 27, 2024

US lawmakers are leading a resolution to pressure Uganda to repeal its Anti-Homosexuality Act, calling for sanctions and reduced support until the law is repealed.

Ugandan president Kaguta Museveni and gay rights activists on the right

A group of US lawmakers is spearheading a resolution in the House of Representatives to pressure the Ugandan government to repeal its Anti-Homosexuality Act. The resolution, reviewed by The EastAfrican, seeks to address the law's severe penalties for consensual same-sex conduct and its broader implications.

The bipartisan effort involves 21 congressmen and women who describe the law as draconian. They argue that it criminalizes homosexuality and imposes harsh punishments, which they view as a violation of human rights.

The resolution calls for the continuation of sanctions against Ugandan officials involved in the law's enforcement. These sanctions include visa restrictions for current and former officials responsible for repressing marginalized populations. Additionally, the resolution urges the US to maintain business and travel advisories concerning Uganda.

Representatives Mark Takano and Joyce Beatty, who are leading the initiative, also advocate for reducing US support to the Ugandan government until the Anti-Homosexuality Act is repealed.

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