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Unveiling the Logo for the 2030 FIFA World Cup Bid

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Prince Jean

Mar 21, 2024

FIFA World Cup

YallaVamos 2030: Uniting Nations, Elevating Football!.

The official unveiling of the vision, foundational pillars, logo, and promotional video for the 2030 FIFA World Cup bid took place at a grand ceremony held at the Cidade do Futebol, the home base of the Portuguese Football Federation, situated in Oeiras, just outside Lisbon.

This marks a historic joint bid by Portugal, Spain, and Morocco, making it the sole contender for hosting the 2030 FIFA World Cup. This unique collaboration signifies the first time the prestigious tournament will span three continents and involve six nations as hosts.

In a nod to the rich history of the World Cup, the first three matches of the 2030 tournament are scheduled to be hosted in South America, specifically in Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay. This decision pays homage to the centennial celebration of the inaugural World Cup, which was held in Uruguay in 1930. Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is set to host the opening ceremony, recreating the spirit of the very first World Cup.

Portugal is set to co-host its first World Cup, building on its experience as the host of the UEFA Euro 2004. Spain brings its prior hosting experiences to the table, having previously organized the UEFA Euro 1964 and the FIFA World Cup in 1982.

As part of the hosting privileges, all six nations involved in the bid will automatically secure their spots in the tournament, ensuring their participation in one of the globe's most anticipated sporting events.

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