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UN Report Reveals Secret Deployment of 4,000 Rwandan Troops in Eastern Congo

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Ayize claire

Jun 26, 2024

Rwanda Violates Sovereignty and Fuels Humanitarian Crisis with Advanced Weaponry and Support for M23 Rebels

Drone Footage Revealing New Incursion By Rwanda Defence Force on Congo's soil In Support of M23

A recent United Nations report has disclosed that up to 4,000 Rwandan troops, equipped with advanced weaponry, have covertly crossed into eastern Congo. Their involvement in the conflict, supporting the M23 rebel militia, has exacerbated a severe humanitarian crisis.

The fighting has led to the displacement of at least a million people over the past nine months, with many seeking refuge in overcrowded camps around the city of Goma, near the Rwandan border. The report, yet to be officially published, highlights that Rwanda's actions breach Congo's sovereignty and a UN arms embargo.

The UN experts estimate that the Rwandan forces might now outnumber the M23 fighters, which stand at about 3,000. The Rwandan Defence Force (RDF) has taken key military positions, including around the strategic town of Sake, playing a pivotal role in encircling Goma and expanding rebel-controlled territory by 70% since November.

Despite international calls from Western governments, including the US, France, Belgium, and the EU, for Rwanda to withdraw its troops, the Rwandan government has denied any military presence in Congo. The UN report, however, presents extensive evidence, including video footage and witness testimonies, of Rwandan troop activities in the region.

The conflict has caused significant casualties and displacement, with the Rwandan-backed M23 rebels seizing control of vital mining areas, including those rich in coltan, a key component in electronics. This has led to increased mineral smuggling into Rwanda, which saw a 50% rise in coltan exports last year.

In response, a multinational force from southern Africa has been deployed to support the Congolese military. However, they have faced challenges against the well-equipped M23 rebels, resulting in casualties among the South African forces.

Rwanda's involvement in the mineral trade, including operating a gold refinery in Kigali with dubious tracing practices, further complicates the region's stability. The Congolese government estimates a loss of approximately $1 billion annually due to mineral smuggling, predominantly to Rwanda.

The UN's findings underscore the urgent need for international intervention to address the escalating crisis and restore stability in the region.

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