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Tunji Adeleke Criticizes Cousin Davido for Excluding Him from a Recent Photograph

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Prince Jean

Mar 20, 2024

Nigerian Celebrities

After Davido shared an image of himself alone in a car, Tunji Adeleke revealed the uncropped version, showing he was also present, highlighting Davido's omission. @tunegee

In a rapid response to Afrobeats icon David Adeleke's recent provocative social media post, his cousin Tunji Adeleke humorously countered on the digital platform.

Davido, the leader of DMW, used his Instagram account to target industry rivals with a pointed message this Tuesday, accusing them of trying to belittle his achievements. He also shared a series of striking photographs to accompany his fiery statement.

One of the images, a car interior shot, seemed to include a second person—indicated by a visible hand but no face. Davido's caption for the post was a defiant statement against his detractors:

“They all come together to discredit me … but God working overtime ! 2024 YEAR OF THE BEAST!! 🔊🌎🔥 FIX UR SPEAKERS WE DEY COME!!”

Following Davido's post, Tunji Adeleke quickly engaged with the narrative by posting the complete version of the car photo on his social media. He added a lighthearted caption, playfully reprimanding Davido for editing him out of the photo, which read:

“They all come together to crop me out the picture … but God working tirelessly ! 2024 YEAR OF BEING INTENTIONAL 🚀.”

This exchange comes amid heightened online discussions regarding Davido's industry relations, particularly after Nigerian artist BNXN (formerly known as Buju) made disparaging remarks about Davido during a heated online exchange with one of Davido's supporters.

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