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Tiwa Savage Transforms into 'Boss Lady' for Her New Film 'Water and Garri'

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Prince Jean

Apr 16, 2024

Water and Garri

The original film on Prime Video, directed by Meji Alabi, is set to begin streaming on May 10, 2024. Instagram/tiwasavage

Tiwa Savage Steps into Executive Producer Role for New Prime Video Original 'Water and Garri'

Tiwa Savage has taken on the mantle of executive producer for the upcoming Prime Video original film, "Water and Garri," set to start streaming on May 10, 2024. In a recent interview with ABC, Savage shared her experiences working on the project, which was directed by Meji Alabi.

"Executive producing was like me just putting my boss hat on and trying to be a boss lady in all aspects of my life. It was fun and it was stressful doing that and also starring in it. But it just showed me that I can do anything I put my mind to. There are so many things that I have dreams of accomplishing and now I’m really motivated,”

she expressed.

Savage also revealed her long-standing passion for acting, which predates her music career.

"I've always wanted to do acting. I've always wanted to do movies. Actually, that was my first love before music. So it felt like a full circle moment for me. I just felt it was time for me to finally get into that. I never wanted to let go of music, so it's a great way for me to still embody that,”

Savage added.

The film "Water and Garri" tells the story of a Nigerian fashion designer who returns to her homeland after establishing a successful career in the United States. Savage was particularly drawn to the project for its female-driven narrative.

“It's a story first of all told by a female from a female point of view. I'm always an advocate for that and I don't think we have enough of that in the space of Nollywood and just in Africa in general. We do have but I don’t think we have enough. It's refreshing for me. It's a story about love, female empowerment,”

she highlighted.

Additionally, Savage discussed the growing influence of Afrobeats in Western music, noting its roots in African musical traditions.

“I feel like genres like RnB, jazz, soul all originated from Africa, so it's a full circle moment to have Afrobeats having its moment right now. And then hear elements of it from the rhythm to the soul in the music. I felt like we were losing a bit of that in commercial music these days. It's good to see that African music is getting its shine again,”

Savage commented.

The full interview can be viewed below.

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