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Terry Tha Rapman Questions Wizkid's Impact on Rap and Afrobeats Genres

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Prince Jean

Mar 19, 2024

Nigerian Music

Terry Tha Rapman(on the left) Voices Concerns Over Wizkid's Impact on Rap and Afrobeats Genres.@wizkidayo@terrytherapman

Nigerian rap veteran, Terry Tha Rapman, has sparked controversy with his latest remarks concerning globally acclaimed afrobeats star, Wizkid. Terry accuses the singer of contributing to the decline of the rap genre and now potentially jeopardizing the essence of Afrobeats.

This discourse follows Wizkid's public dissociation from Afrobeats, asserting through a social media post that his artistry transcends any single genre. The statement has prompted discussions across the music industry, with Terry Tha Rapman taking to the 'X' platform to express his views. According to Terry, Wizkid's proclamation about the death of rap is now paralleled by a similar stance on Afrobeats, with a humorous yet cautionary note to Highlife artists to be vigilant of their genre.

Terry Tha Rapman's statement on the platform reads:

“First rap, now Afrobeats. How many genres does Wizkid want to 'kill'? Highlife, be on alert!”

The conversation intensified as influential Nigerian personalities, including Tunde Ednut and Verydarkman, shared their perspectives on Wizkid's declaration. As the anticipation for Wizkid's new album 'Morayo' rises, he has notably forewarned that it will not cater to traditional Afrobeats enthusiasts, including those fond of 'Pakurumo,' his renowned hit from 2011.

The debate has elicited a response from social media influencer Tunde Ednut, who emphasized the deep-rooted cultural significance of Afrobeats. While expressing his astonishment at Wizkid's remarks, Ednut reaffirmed his support for the genre and promised to endorse Wizkid's upcoming album, provided it aligns with his musical tastes.

Tunde Ednut's response was as follows:

"WIZKID IS STIRRING THINGS UP AGAIN TONIGHT! Nonetheless, our affection for Afrobeats remains unwavering. It's a source of pride for us, and Afrobeats is here to stay. We wish Wizkid all the best with his new album. If it's as impressive as we anticipate, we'll certainly embrace it."

The unfolding discourse continues to stimulate robust discussions within the music community, reflecting the dynamic and evolving nature of contemporary music genres and the identity of artists within them.

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