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Terry G Declares Himself a Secular Artist with Music Aimed at Provocative Themes

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Prince Jean

Mar 30, 2024

Nigerian Music

Terry G sheds light on the essence of secular music within the music scene. Image provided by BellaNaijja

Gabriel Oche Amanyi, widely recognized by his stage name Terry G, recently made headlines with a controversial statement, declaring himself a secular artist with music that he claims is aligned more with unconventional themes rather than traditional religious values.

In a preview for an upcoming segment of The Honest Bunch Podcast, Terry G candidly discussed his perspective on secular music's place in society, controversially stating,

"I am a secular musician. I sing for the devil. We [secular musicians] sing for the devil, we praise the devil. We don’t glorify God."

He further commented on the changing dynamics of Wizkid's music, suggesting it might not resonate as strongly with certain segments of the Nigerian audience due to its evolving nature.

Terry G remarked,

"Wizkid music no dey too relate to us. My colleagues from my set, most of us are illiterates,"

indicating a disconnect between certain styles of contemporary music and the preferences of his demographic.

In a recent turn of events, Terry G announced his retirement from the music industry through a video message disseminated on social media platforms. In this heartfelt address, he extended his gratitude towards his fans for their steadfast support over the years.

Opening his message with a nod to his supporters, Terry G said,

"My people, it’s still on the matter, I remain Apako Master. I’m about to say a big thank you to my fans for staying true all the years, back to back."

He expressed his deep appreciation for the loyalty and affection he received, acknowledging the significant role his audience played in his career.

However, he then conveyed the unexpected news of his departure from the music scene, stating,

"I really appreciate you all for the amazing years, back to back. Thank you all for the love; I really appreciate. I’m about to make a big announcement, and I know it will be disappointing for many people. I have my personal reasons, and I want to say, I’m quitting music, I no dey do again, I’m done."

Concluding his message, Terry G reiterated his gratitude to his followers, saying,

"I really appreciate you guys for staying true to me, for showing me so much love. My fans, thank you. God bless you."

This announcement marks the end of a notable chapter in the Nigerian music industry, as Terry G steps away from his musical endeavors.

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