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Tanzania Ranked as the 2nd Top Performer in Cybersecurity Efforts Across Africa.

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louis Buyisiwe

Mar 5, 2024

Internet security and integrity

Tanzania has been recognized as the second safest African country in terms of cybersecurity, as announced by the Director-General of the Information and Communication Technology Commission Dr Nkundwe Mwasaga. This achievement is based on data from the International Telecommunication Union's Global Cybersecurity Index.

Efforts include developing innovative technology programs and the plan to establish eight ICT centers across the country to nurture young talent and innovation. The government also aims to enhance skills in artificial intelligence and other ICT areas, with initiatives to promote ICT products and develop a technology innovation center for the East African region.

Cybersecurity threats in Africa have become more prevalent, with financial institutions being the prime targets due to their wealth of customer data and financial assets. Attacks on the continent have not only targeted banks but also major companies and government institutions, causing significant disruptions and financial losses. The sophisticated nature of these attacks, including spear phishing and malware, underscores the urgency for improved cybersecurity measures​​.

African states are urged to enhance their cybersecurity frameworks to combat the rising tide of cyber threats. This involves developing comprehensive national cybersecurity strategies, establishing dedicated cyber authorities, and fostering a culture of cybersecurity awareness among citizens.

The implementation of legal frameworks to regulate cyberspace and sanction cybercrimes is also crucial. International cooperation and public-private partnerships play pivotal roles in strengthening the continent's cyber resilience, reflecting the borderless nature of cybercrime​​.

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