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Talented-Choir Member Mpano Emerges with Impact in Rwandan Gospel Music

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Prince Jean

Mar 3, 2024

Rwandan Gospel

Mpano, Music Composer, Pianist Instructor performing "Icinzira" with Clarion Call Ministry. IMAGE source: Instagram/elyseempano

At the age of 22, Elysee Mpano, a multifaceted talent encompassing vocals, songwriting, piano mastery, and music production, is making waves in the dynamic world of gospel music. Not only is he a recording artist for fellow gospel musicians, but his solo career is soaring to new heights.

Having collaborated with esteemed figures in the Rwandan Gospel industry such as Chorale de Kigali, Ambassadors of Christ, and Papi Clever, Mpano has swiftly emerged as a highly sought-after producer and pianist within the gospel music scene. His new song "Ese Urankunda is becoming one of the most recently streamed Rwandan gospel songs on Spotify.

Beyond his roles as a performer and producer, Mpano also serves as a dedicated music instructor, specializing in imparting piano skills to learners of all ages. This passion for teaching developed organically as he recognized and cultivated his own musical talents. "Individuals come to my studio, or I visit their locations," he explained, highlighting his commitment to sharing his expertise.

Born as the third of four siblings, Mpano's musical journey traces back to his early exposure to the art. He commenced his singing journey in a children's choir in Musanze during his formative years. Later in high school, a friend introduced him to the fundamentals of piano playing, setting him on the path he continues to tread today. Officially launching his music career in 2021, Mpano's story is one marked by passion, dedication, and a profound connection to the transformative power of music.

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