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Super Eagles’ Friendly Match Against Argentina Cancelled

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Prince Jean

Feb 28, 2024

FIFA Friendlies

SuperEagles squad and technical Staff. Image source: digitalz

Super Eagles’ Friendly Match Against Argentina Cancelled Due to Visa Issues

In a surprising turn of events, the highly anticipated friendly match between the Nigerian national football team, the Super Eagles, and the reigning World champions, Argentina, has been called off for the second time. The game was originally scheduled to take place in China but was later relocated to the United States of America, with the match date set for March 26, 2024.

According to an anonymous top official from the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), the cancellation was a result of visa complications. The organizers faced challenges in securing visas for all the individuals listed to participate in the match. The NFF received the disappointing news that the friendly encounter would not proceed due to the inability to obtain the necessary travel documents.

“The NFF has just been informed that the friendly match between Nigeria and Argentina, initially planned for the United States of America, will no longer take place. The organizers encountered difficulties in obtaining visas for our team,” the official stated.

The United States maintains strict visa issuance policies, which ultimately led to the cancellation of the much-anticipated match. As a result, the Super Eagles will have to wait for another FIFA international window to find a replacement opponent and engage in a friendly fixture.

Despite this setback, football enthusiasts remain hopeful that the Super Eagles will soon have the opportunity to showcase their skills on the international stage. Fans eagerly await news of a new opponent stepping in to face the Nigerian team in a friendly match.

Stay tuned for further updates as the NFF explores alternative arrangements for the Super Eagles’ next friendly encounter! [africasports]

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