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Rwanda Refutes US Accusations Over Goma IDP Camp Bombing

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Ayize claire

May 6, 2024

In response, Rwanda emphasized that assigning blame without proper investigation undermines the credibility of the US

Yolanda Makolo Rwanda government spokesperson

Rwanda has strongly denied US allegations of its involvement in the recent bombing of an IDP camp in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In a forceful rebuttal, the Rwandan government called these claims unfounded and criticized the United States for not awaiting the results of an official investigation.

The attack on the Mugunga IDP camp, which tragically killed at least nine individuals, including seven children, has escalated tensions in the region. The US State Department attributed the strike to positions held by the Rwandan Defence Forces (RDF) and the M23 rebel group, which is allegedly supported by Rwanda.

In response, Rwanda emphasized that assigning blame without proper investigation undermines the credibility of the US as a neutral facilitator in regional conflicts. The government statement highlighted ongoing concerns about the security situation in Eastern DRC, including the military escalation and the severe humanitarian impact on local populations.

Furthermore, Rwanda accused the DRC government of failing to manage its internal affairs, noting that accusations against Rwanda have become a recurring theme to deflect from DRC's governance issues.

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Rwanda remains firm in its stance, asserting that it will take necessary measures to defend its sovereignty against any external threats, including those purported by the DRC leadership.

This contentious situation highlights the complex dynamics in the Great Lakes region, where geopolitical interests and internal conflicts frequently intersect, leading to international disputes and diplomatic challenges.

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