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Rwanda Denies Entry to Human Rights Researcher

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Ayize claire

May 23, 2024

Rwandan Government Faces Scrutiny Amid Human Rights Concerns

Rwanda has barred Human Rights Watch's Clementine de Montjoye from entering the country, raising concerns about its human rights practices just weeks before the UK is set to send asylum seekers there. HRW and legal experts criticize the move as an attempt to avoid independent scrutiny.
On the left Clementine de Montjoye, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Rwandan President Paul Kagame

Rwanda recently denied entry to Clementine de Montjoye, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch (HRW), prompting accusations of evading independent scrutiny.

De Montjoye arrived at Kigali International Airport on May 13 but was informed she was not welcome due to undisclosed "immigration reasons."

HRW's executive director, Tirana Hassan, condemned the action, highlighting Rwanda's hostility towards human rights monitoring. De Montjoye had planned to meet officials from foreign embassies and had notified the Rwandan government of her travel plans in advance.

This incident follows HRW's recent report accusing Rwanda of targeting critics and dissidents abroad. The Rwandan government defended its decision, accusing HRW of fabricating reports about the country.

Legal experts, including Toufique Hossain of Duncan Lewis solicitors, criticized Rwanda's actions, emphasizing ongoing concerns about the country's human rights record.

This controversy comes as the UK prepares to send asylum seekers to Rwanda, raising further questions about the safety and human rights conditions in the country.

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