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Russian military personnel have recently entered an airbase in Niger that hostsed U.S. troops.

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Ayize claire

May 3, 2024

Russian troops enter base housing US military in Niger, US official report

The military officers ruling the West African nation have told the U.S. to withdraw its nearly 1,000 military personnel from the country, which until a coup last year had been a key partner for Washington's fight against insurgents who have killed thousands of people and displaced millions more.
Russian military personnel have entered an air base in Niger

Russian military personnel have entered an airbase in Niger that hosts some U.S. troops, according to U.S. officials.

The move comes after Niger’s junta ordered the expulsion of American forces. Although Russian and U.S. troops are not directly mingling, they are in close proximity at Airbase 101 near Niamey, Niger’s capital.

This development occurs amid heightened tensions between the U.S. and Russia over the conflict in Ukraine. The fate of U.S. installations in Niger remains uncertain following the withdrawal.

Meanwhile, Russia seeks to strengthen relations with African nations, positioning itself as a friendly country without colonial baggage. Mali, a close Russian ally, hosts the Wagner Group mercenary force.


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