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Rozay Records Sets the Stage: Lagos Welcomes a New Era in Music Production

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Prince Jean

Mar 23, 2024

Nigerian Music

Official Logo of Rozay Records. @sunnewsonline

Rozay Records, a burgeoning powerhouse in the music industry, has officially announced its grand launch in Lagos, with ambitious plans to redefine the global music landscape. With a mission to be at the forefront of music innovation, the label is dedicated to empowering artists and promoting the 'Africa to the World' narrative, emphasizing the profound role of music in cultural exchange and the global embrace of diversity.

At the heart of Rozay Records' philosophy is the belief that music serves as a pivotal medium for the elevation of African culture, with the potential to transcend geographical boundaries and foster international connections. The label's strategy revolves around scouting, nurturing, and promoting exceptional musical talents, with a keen focus on the vibrant Afrobeats genre, aiming to project African music onto the world stage.

Emmanuel Ovuasa, the CEO of Rozay Records, articulates the label's vision as creating an ecosystem where artists can flourish, thereby showcasing Africa's rich cultural tapestry to the world.

"Our commitment to excellence and collaboration positions us to significantly impact lives through music and alter the global narrative surrounding African music and culture,"

Ovuasa remarked.

Underlining its global aspirations, Rozay Records is poised to solidify its presence in both Lagos and the UK, while extending its reach to international markets. This strategic expansion is designed to cultivate a profound connection between artists and their worldwide audience, championing the globalization of African music and culture.

In line with its objectives, Rozay Records has welcomed two new talents to its roster: Elvis Bamidele Gelemu, known professionally as Elvis Gee, and Grace Keneneth, who performs under the moniker Gracie. Each artist brings a distinct fusion of creativity, passion, and innovation to the industry, poised to make significant contributions under the Rozay banner.

"Rozay Records transcends the conventional boundaries of a music label to emerge as a visionary cultural emissary, committed to molding the international perception of African music and culture,"

Ovuasa concluded, signaling a new chapter in the global music narrative.

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