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Rose May Alaba, sister of football star David, addresses misconceptions about family wealth

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Prince Jean

Apr 4, 2024

African Celebrities

Rose May Alaba Discusses the Realities of Being David Alaba's Sister. Photo: Instagram/rosemayalaba

In an insightful session with 88.5 UFM, Rose May Alaba, the gifted Austrian-Nigerian singer, delved into the complexities of being associated with her brother, David Alaba, a star defender for Real Madrid. The interview shed light on the unique challenges and false perceptions she and her family encounter due to their connection to a football luminary.

Rose May candidly expressed the common but misplaced belief that her family possesses an endless wealth reserve, metaphorically suggesting that people think "money grows on trees" for the Alabas. This notion, she explains, stems from her brother's illustrious soccer career, leading many to view them through a lens of affluence and to mistakenly consider them as a financial wellspring.

The singer's revelations highlight the often-overlooked personal struggles faced by families of celebrities, overshadowed by the glamour and success of their famous members. Rose May's openness provides a valuable perspective on the burdens of public misconceptions, underlining the Alaba family's shared human experiences despite their exceptional circumstances.

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