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Rema Reconnects with College Mentor During Visit to Alma Mater, Recalls Support in Pursuing Music – VIDEO

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Prince Jean

Mar 31, 2024

Nigerian Music

Rema, Afrobeats Iconic. @flormedia

Afrobeats sensation Divine Ikubor, better known as Rema, recently made headlines with a heartfelt reunion at his former school, Ighile Group of Schools in Edo State. During his visit, the acclaimed musician took the opportunity to reconnect with his old mentors and share his transformation from a local student to an international music icon. Among the highlights captured in a viral video by WITHIN NIGERIA was Rema's candid interaction with his teachers, where he shared insights into his artistic journey.

One poignant anecdote shared by Rema during the visit was his acknowledgment of a particular teacher, Uncle Esosa, who secretly assisted him in leaving school to attend music studio sessions. Despite the risks and rule-breaking involved, Rema expressed gratitude towards Uncle Esosa for his critical role in Rema's early career, highlighting the unconventional support that contributed to his success.

He made a trip back to his secondary school, where he reunited with his past educators.@from video shared by WITHINIGERIA

Rema's trip to his alma mater followed a significant engagement with Edo State's Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, who hosted the young artist for lunch at the Government House in Benin City. The viral video shared by

WITHINIGERIA captured Rema expressing his gratitude towards the people of Edo State and the governor's youth-oriented initiatives. He emphasized the importance of supporting the next generation and acknowledged the crucial support he received from Nigerian youths, stating,

"I would not be here in the first place if not for the youths in Nigeria. They are the people I am part of, live for, the people I inspire and motivate. They are the next generation.”

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