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Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko Urges African Youth to Stay in Africa Amid Tragic Migrant Boat Sinking

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Ayize claire

Jul 7, 2024

Future Lies in Africa," Says Sonko Following Deadly Shipwreck Off Mauritania's Coast

Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko

Prime Minister Ousmane Sonko has called on the youth of Africa to remain on the continent following a tragic shipwreck off the coast of Mauritania. The incident, which involved a migrant boat attempting to reach Spain's Canary Islands, resulted in nearly 90 deaths. The boat had departed from Niodior, on the Senegal-Gambia border, carrying 170 passengers.

In a speech at Gaston Berger University in Saint Louis, Sonko emphasized that the future lies in Africa, not in migration.

"The future of the world is in Africa," he stated.

He urged young people to recognize the continent's potential for significant growth and progress, asserting that Africa should drive global growth over the next 50 years. Sonko stressed that Africans must lead this development, rejecting the exploitation of natural resources by external entities.

Three Senegalese NGOs have called on the Dakar authorities to provide better opportunities for young people to deter them from seeking dangerous migration routes. The Senegalese Navy has increased efforts to intercept migrant boats and rescue those in distress, with recent operations saving hundreds of people.

The Atlantic migration route remains perilous due to strong currents and overcrowded, often unseaworthy boats. Despite the risks, it is increasingly used by migrants due to heightened surveillance in the Mediterranean.

Sonko's appeal underscores the need for internal development and opportunities to prevent such tragedies and harness Africa's potential.

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