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President William Ruto to Establish 15 New Ministries to Reduce Public Expenditure

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louis Buyisiwe

Jul 6, 2024

Government Restructuring Aims to Address Gen Z Protest Demands and Combat Corruption

President William Ruto presides over a Cabinet meeting

President William Ruto will create 15 new ministries to cut public expenditure, following pressure from Gen Z protesters who demanded the dismissal of corrupt Cabinet Secretaries (CSs) and Principal Secretaries (PSs). During a Thursday Cabinet meeting with anxious CSs, Ruto hinted at significant changes in his government. The restructuring will involve merging some ministries and disbanding certain state corporations.

Ruto's reorganization will reduce the number of CSs from 22 to 15. The new ministries will be:

  1. Ministry of Defence

  2. Ministry of Interior

  3. Ministry of Energy

  4. Ministry of Health

  5. Ministry of Education

  6. National Treasury

  7. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation

  8. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Community (EAC)

  9. Ministry of Labour and Public Service

  10. Ministry of Affirmative Action, Youth and Gender

  11. Ministry of Water, Forestry and Environment

  12. Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports

  13. Ministry of Infrastructure, Land, Housing, Public Works and Roads

  14. Ministry of Economic Planning

  15. Ministry of Trade, Investments and Industry, SMEs, Cooperatives, Delivery Unit and ICT

Ruto also withdrew the controversial Finance Bill 2024 after widespread protests and directed austerity measures to reduce government expenditure, starting with the Office of the President.

Despite Ruto's refusal to sign the bill into law, Gen Z protesters took to the streets on June 27, demanding radical reforms, including firing corrupt CSs, changing the Kenya Kwanza Alliance leadership in parliament, and conducting lifestyle audits for state officers.

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