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Portable Claims Superiority Over BNXN

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Prince Jean

Mar 12, 2024

Nigerian Music

Nigerian Music Artist Portable(on the right) Claims Superiority Over BNXN on Social Media. Image/@toyourears@portablesbaeby

In a recent social media declaration, Nigerian music sensation Habeeb Okikiola, known professionally as Portable, has asserted his dominance in the music industry over fellow artist Buju BNXN. Leveraging his substantial social media presence, Portable emphasized his larger follower count as evidence of his superior status within the music scene.

Portable, who has rapidly risen to fame in under three years, boasts an impressive 2.6 million followers on Instagram, surpassing BNXN's 1.9 million. Utilizing his Instagram story, Portable presented a strong argument for his prominence, firmly refuting any suggestions of unorthodox methods behind his success. He attributed his achievements to "sheer grace," dismissing common attributions of success to occult practices.

The artist, also a father of five, vocalized his frustration with the common misconception that success in the music industry is often tied to nefarious activities. Portable's statement, "I don’t fake to make it. I don’t fake my lifestyle. Ika of Africa. OBO Eyan DPO ZehNation many many many inspiration. Street ti tame over 10/10 level don change," underscores his claim to authenticity and hard-earned success.

This bold proclamation by Portable not only highlights the competitive nature of the Nigerian music industry but also sheds light on the artist's confidence in his craft and his journey to fame. As the music community reacts to Portable's assertions, the spotlight remains on both artists as they continue to shape their careers and influence within the industry.

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