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Over 50,000 Displaced in Ethiopia Amid Armed Clashes, UN Reports

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Ayize claire

Apr 24, 2024

Escalating Violence in Northern Ethiopia

Women militarily dressed in previous Ethiopia's Tigray conflict.

KOBO/SEKOTA, April 25 — Armed clashes in the northern rural areas of Ethiopia have led to the displacement of over 50,000 people since April 13, local authorities and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reported this Monday.

Escalating Violence in Northern Ethiopia

The recent surge in violence began on April 13, with significant confrontations reported in Alamata, a town in the north of Ethiopia. The conflict caused many, including an undetermined number of casualties, to flee to the neighboring towns of Kobo and Sekota. According to a situation report from UN OCHA, the majority of those displaced are vulnerable groups, including women, children, and the elderly, who are now seeking refuge and basic necessities to survive.

Humanitarian Crisis in Amhara Region

Kobo and Sekota, both situated in the Amhara region, have become centers for those escaping the violence. The UN OCHA highlights a critical shortage of essential services as the towns struggle to cope with the influx.

"The humanitarian situation is dire. Thousands need broad humanitarian support, particularly food and health services, which are currently inadequate due to the limited resources available," the report detailed.
Response to the Crisis

Efforts are underway by government bodies and humanitarian partners to address the immediate needs of the displaced. Food distribution and health services are being prioritized, but the scope of the crisis calls for an urgent increase in aid and international attention.

Further Developments

This displacement comes in the backdrop of continued unrest in Ethiopia, which saw at least 15 civilians killed in an airstrike just days before the recent clashes.

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