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Niger Cuts Military Ties with the United States

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Serge Kabongo

Niger and USA

Niger cut military ties with America, asked them to leave the country and close military bases immediately

In a surprising move, the government of Niger has decided to end its military cooperation with the United States and has asked American troops to leave the country immediately. This decision comes after a series of discussions between the two countries, where Niger expressed its concerns about the presence of foreign military forces on its territory.

According to a statement released by the Nigerien government, the decision was made in the interest of national sovereignty and the country's commitment to non-alignment. The statement also emphasized that Niger is open to maintaining friendly relations with all nations but will not allow foreign military bases on its soil.

The United States has maintained a military presence in Niger since 2013, with a drone base in Agadez and approximately 800 American troops stationed in the country. These troops have been involved in training local forces and conducting counterterrorism operations against extremist groups in the region.

The decision to end military cooperation with the United States has been met with mixed reactions. Some Nigeriens have expressed their support for the move, citing concerns about foreign interference in the country's internal affairs. Others have expressed worries about the potential impact on security, as the U.S. presence has been seen as a deterrent to extremist groups.

The U.S. government has not yet issued an official response to Niger's decision. However, it is expected that the U.S. will work with Niger to ensure a smooth and orderly withdrawal of its troops and equipment.

This decision by Niger comes at a time of increased scrutiny of the presence of foreign military forces in Africa. Many African nations are reevaluating their relationships with foreign powers and seeking to assert greater control over their security and sovereignty

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