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Morocco Thrashes Congo-Brazzaville 6-0 in World Cup African Qualifiers

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louis Buyisiwe

Jun 12, 2024

Morocco Dominates Congo-Brazzaville with a 6-0 Victory in World Cup African Qualifiers

Morocco triumphed over Congo-Brazzaville with a resounding 6-0 victory in Agadir today, securing three crucial points in the ongoing World Cup African Qualifiers. This win propels Morocco to the top of Pool E, strengthening their position in the tournament.

Match Highlights

  • Goals:

    • Azeddine Ounahi (8′)

    • Chadi Ryad (16′)

    • Ayoub El Kaabi (20′, 39′, 53′)

    • Soufiane Rahimi (62′)

Ayoub El Kaabi was the standout performer, netting a hat-trick and contributing significantly to Morocco's dominant performance. The other goals came from Azeddine Ounahi, Chadi Ryad, and Soufiane Rahimi, showcasing the team's offensive prowess.

Morocco’s Journey in Pool E

With this victory, Morocco leads Pool E with 9 points. They previously earned 6 points from victories against Tanzania (2-0 away) last November and Zambia (2-1 at home) last Friday. This dominant display against Congo-Brazzaville further cements their top position in the group.

Other Group E Results

Earlier in the evening, Tanzania defeated Zambia 1-0, bringing their total to 6 points and securing second place behind Morocco. This result sets the stage for an intense competition as teams vie for qualification.


Morocco's impressive performance in the World Cup African Qualifiers highlights their potential to advance further in the tournament. The Lions' commanding lead in Pool E demonstrates their strength and determination to secure a spot in the World Cup.

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