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Morocco: Rabab Cheddar Pursues Olympic Aspirations During Ramadan Fast

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Prince Jean

Apr 4, 2024


Moroccan flyweight boxer Rabab Cheddar is stretching her boundaries in her quest for a dream. Photo: Gettyimages

Moroccan flyweight contender Rabab Cheddar is not only battling her opponents in the ring but also navigating the challenges of training during Ramadan in her quest to secure a spot in the forthcoming Paris Olympics. Amidst the holy month's fast, which entails abstaining from food and water from dawn till dusk, Cheddar's regimen includes intense sessions both before the break of fast and afterwards.

"I prepare normally, as usual,"

Cheddar affirms, her commitment evident in the beads of sweat marking her rigorous routine alongside fellow boxers in a modest Casablanca facility,

"Currently, during the month of Ramadan, I train before and after breaking fast, in order to remain fully prepared. This is in order to be ready at anytime the national team calls up."

Cheddar, 33, remains undeterred by the added strain, buoyed by the belief in her Olympic aspirations.

"My chances of qualifying for the Olympics are high,"

she states, detailing her upcoming participation in the Mandela African Boxing Cup in South Africa as a pivotal step towards the Olympic qualifiers in Thailand.

Post-training, Cheddar's evenings are reserved for iftar with her family, a time she cherishes for more than just nourishment.

"We athletes enjoy the month of Ramadan because it is an opportunity to refocus and turn to God and ask for our wishes to be fulfilled,"

she shares, highlighting the spiritual rejuvenation Ramadan brings to her athletic journey, "It is considered a retreat for us athletes."

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