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Militia Attack in DR Congo Kills Six Chinese Nationals and Two Congolese Soldiers

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louis Buyisiwe

Jul 4, 2024

CODECO Militia Targets Chinese-Linked Mining Site in Ituri Province

Militia fighters have attacked a Chinese-linked mining site in northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo

A militia attack on a Chinese-linked mining site in Djugu territory, Ituri province, northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, has resulted in the deaths of six Chinese nationals and two Congolese soldiers. The attack, which occurred on Wednesday, was carried out by the CODECO (Cooperative for the Development of the Congo) militia, primarily composed of fighters from the Lendu ethnic group.

Local officials, including Djugu administrator Ruphin Mapela, confirmed the fatalities. The Red Cross representative for Djugu, Dhekana Ernest, reported that the victims were shot and their bodies transported to Bunia.

The regional army spokesperson added that a Congolese national and six militia fighters were also killed.

In response, China condemned the attack and called for the DRC to pursue and punish the perpetrators swiftly. The Chinese foreign ministry highlighted the need for increased security measures for Chinese citizens and enterprises in the area and urged those in high-risk areas to evacuate.

The incident is part of ongoing violence in eastern Congo, driven by competition for land and rich mineral resources. CODECO has been previously accused of actions that could constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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