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Man Seeks Forgiveness and Pledges to Follow Their Faith After Defaming Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo

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Prince Jean

Apr 7, 2024

Nigerian Celebrities

Agozi sincerely regretted his comments and earnestly sought forgiveness from the musicians. Facebook/ Agozi Commedy

In a significant turn of events, Agozi Comedy, a user on Facebook, has issued a formal apology to renowned Nigerian gospel artists Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo. This apology comes in the wake of accusations that Agozi defamed the characters of the two singers.

The controversy began when Nathaniel Bassey and Mercy Chinwo took legal action, lodging a complaint with the police over the circulation of unfounded rumors. These rumors suggested that the child of Mercy Chinwo and her husband, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa, named Charis, was allegedly fathered by Nathaniel Bassey.

Following the legal complaint, Agozi took to Facebook to retract his previous statements and express his regret. In his statement, he acknowledged the error of his ways and expressed a willingness to publicly recant his earlier accusations. He noted that the same individuals who had initially spurred him to defame the singers were also behind the encouragement of Verydarkman, a social commentator whose controversial remarks resulted in a nine-day police detention.

Agozi's apology was not only a gesture of contrition but also an expression of his newfound respect and admiration for the faith of Bassey and Chinwo. He committed to embracing their religious beliefs and stated his intention to persist in his apologies until he receives forgiveness from the parties he wronged.

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