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M3nsa Declines Grammy Africa Award: "Our Music Transcends Borders"

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Prince Jean

Jun 17, 2024

Grammy Awards Africa

Ghanaian musician M3nsa has voiced his opposition to the Grammy Awards' expansion into Africa, arguing that African music already enjoys global recognition and does not require a separate awards ceremony. Instagram:@m3nsa

In a recent interview with Francis Abban on Morning Starr, Ghanaian musician M3nsa expressed his disapproval of the Grammy Awards' expansion into Africa. He argued that African music, already recognized for its global quality, does not need a separate awards ceremony. M3nsa believes that creating an "African version" of the Grammys segregates and relegates African music to a secondary status.

"If the music we are doing is equally as good as everyone’s music, then invite us to the main event, let’s get done with it. That's what people want to hear,"

M3nsa stated.

"When they start sectioning this, it becomes a ‘no colours’ situation. We don’t need an African version of the Grammy. When the music we do extends globally, personally. I don’t expect this, but maybe there is a deeper thinking behind it."

M3nsa’s comments come in response to the Recording Academy's announcement to establish an African version of the Grammy Awards. The initiative aims to increase the Academy's influence in the rapidly growing African music industry. The inaugural Grammy Africa Awards are slated for 2027 or 2028, with Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, and South Africa as the founding host countries.

Despite the excitement surrounding Grammy Africa, Ghana did not fulfill the requirements to join the ranks of the founding host countries. As a result, while Ghanaian artists remain eligible for nominations and participation, the country misses out on the significant opportunities and prestige that come with being a founding member and host.

A spokesperson highlighted,

“While Ghanaian artistes will still be eligible for nominations and participation in the Grammy Africa Awards, the country will miss out on the significant opportunities and prestige that come with being a founding member and host.”

M3nsa's perspective sheds light on the broader conversation about equal recognition for African music on the global stage. As the Recording Academy moves forward with its plans, the debate continues about the best ways to honor and promote African musical talent.

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