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M23 is an empty shell the real criminal is Paul Kagame

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Mbeki edmond

May 1, 2024

Félix Tshisekedi Interview

Felix Tshisekedi President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

During a candid interview with Deutsche Welle in Germany, President Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) voiced strong accusations against Rwanda, highlighting a long-standing issue of illegal mineral exploitation that has plagued his country.

President Tshisekedi accused Rwanda of backing the M23 rebel group, a claim supported by United Nations reports, and contributing to ongoing instability in eastern DRC. He described Rwanda's involvement as a façade for plundering DRC’s vast mineral wealth, which includes crucial elements like cobalt and coltan, essential for modern technology.

The DRC leader’s narrative pointedly criticizes Paul Kagame, Rwanda’s president, labeling him the orchestrator behind the exploitation and violence in the region. Tshisekedi’s resolve is evident as he expresses a desire for a direct confrontation with Kagame to hold him accountable, dismissing any dialogue with the M23 as they are, in his view, merely a proxy for Rwandan interests.

Tshisekedi said "M23 is an empty shell made to justify the aggression against my country But in reality, the real aggressor and the real criminal is Paul Kagame,I want to meet him not to beg him or to negotiate anything with him but to tell him clearly with my own eyes that he's a criminal that his dirty game is now known to everyone"

President Tshisekedi's call for accountability extends to the international community, urging a reassessment of Rwanda's so-called development miracle. attributing its growth to the unauthorized extraction of Congolese resources rather than effective governance.

 The President's accusations extend beyond Apple, hinting at a broader network of complicity in the exploitation of the DRC's resources, which he insists is facilitated by international NGOs and benefits Rwanda economically.

Tshisekedi's government has recently accused tech giant Apple of using minerals sourced from illegal exploitation, alleging that these minerals are smuggled through Rwanda, financing armed groups and perpetuating violence in eastern DRC. This situation is not new; it has been a destructive cycle for over thirty years, stemming from the influx of armed refugees from Rwanda in the 1990s.

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