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Leveraging Science and Technology for Sustainable Water Management in the Nile Basin

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louis Buyisiwe

Apr 2, 2024

Water and Environmental Engineering

"If we, for example, advance the science technology in distribution system like what Ethiopia is starting to control the loss by looking at the water pressure in the distribution system and detect leakage we can mitigate the huge loss of water in the region."
Professor Esayas Alemayehu, a renowned figure in Water and Environmental Engineering

Experts emphasize the critical role of science and technology in addressing water management challenges in the Nile Basin. Professor Esayas Alemayehu, a renowned figure in Water and Environmental Engineering, advocates for innovative solutions to harness the region's vast water resources sustainably.

Surrounded by significant water bodies like the Mediterranean and Red Seas, and the Indian Ocean, the Nile Basin has untapped potential for sustainable water resource management. According to Professor Esayas, advanced desalination techniques could transform these saline waters into a fresh water supply, easing tensions and fostering water peace in the region.

Countries such as Libya and Algeria have set precedents in effective water extraction, showcasing the potential for Egypt and others with extensive coastlines to follow suit. However, Professor Esayas warns of the substantial water losses currently plaguing the basin. He suggests that adopting advanced technologies in distribution systems, like those being introduced in Ethiopia, could significantly reduce water wastage through leakage detection.

Moreover, the reuse of water, particularly in agriculture, presents an untapped opportunity for the Nile Basin countries. Emulating Israel's model, where 85% of agricultural water comes from recycled sources, could alleviate water scarcity issues.

Collaboration remains a cornerstone for progress, as the integration of science and technology in water management demands collective effort. Accelerating technological advancements is crucial to mitigate disputes and promote unconventional water resource utilization, fostering unity and sustainability in the Nile Basin.

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