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Kenyan Police Arrival in Haiti Delayed: President Ruto Affirms Commitment

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Ayize claire

May 24, 2024

Kenya's deployment of police officers to Haiti has been delayed, but President William Ruto reaffirms the country's commitment

Kenya's deployment of police officers to Haiti has been delayed, but President William Ruto reaffirms the country's commitment to the U.N.-approved mission aimed at countering gang violence in Port-au-Prince.
Police in Haiti trying to curb rioters

Nairobi, Kenya — The deployment of the first Kenyan police officers to Haiti, intended to lead an international anti-gang force, has been delayed. According to sources briefed on the matter, a planned flight from Nairobi was postponed on Tuesday.

Deployment Delays and President Ruto’s Assurance

U.S. officials had previously stated that the officers would arrive in Port-au-Prince by Thursday, coinciding with Kenyan President William Ruto's state visit to the White House. During a joint news conference with U.S. President Joe Biden, Ruto reiterated Kenya's commitment to the mission.

Kenya volunteered in July to lead this mission but has faced delays due to litigation against the government's plan and increased violence in March, which led to the resignation of the Haitian prime minister.

Mission Objectives and Kenyan Contribution

The mission aims to counter gangs controlling most of Port-au-Prince, responsible for widespread killings, kidnappings, and sexual violence. Kenya has committed 1,000 police officers to this U.N.-approved mission, with most funding provided by the United States. The mission will comprise up to 2,500 personnel.

"Kenya believes the responsibility of peace and security anywhere in the world, including Haiti, is the responsibility of all nations," Ruto stated at the conference with Biden.

Reasons for Delay

Two hundred Kenyan officers were scheduled to fly out of Nairobi on Tuesday evening. However, one source, a former police officer in contact with the mission members, said the officers received no explanation for the last-minute delay and were instructed to remain on standby. Another source, briefed by a government official, indicated that conditions in Port-au-Prince were not yet suitable to receive the officers.

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