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Kenneth Okonkwo Sets Return to Acting Conditional on Nigeria Surpassing America in Development

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Prince Jean

Mar 25, 2024


Kenneth Okonkwo has shifted his focus away from acting to dedicate himself to his political career. @skabash

Kenneth Okonkwo, a seasoned actor with over three decades in Nollywood and a trained lawyer, has increasingly become a prominent political figure, notably serving as a spokesperson for Peter Obi's 2023 presidential campaign under the Labour Party (LP). In a recent interview on the Mic On podcast dated March 23, 2024, Okonkwo shared insights into his shift towards politics, expressing his commitment to contributing to Nigeria's betterment.

He articulated that his burgeoning political endeavors and diverse interests have significantly reduced his availability for acting roles.

"I made a fortune as a Nollywood actor. It was just 2020 that I decided to start winding up,"

Okonkwo remarked. He further explained his conscious decision to decline acting roles in favor of amplifying his efforts towards fostering a rejuvenated Nigeria.

Despite stepping back from acting, Okonkwo clarified that his disengagement from the screen does not signify an end to his association with Nollywood. He asserted a perpetual connection to the industry, hinting at potential future contributions through avenues such as film education or executive production.

The 55-year-old actor, renowned for his iconic role as Andy Okeke in the groundbreaking 1992 film Living in Bondage and its 2019 sequel, Living in Bondage: Breaking Free, along with his appearances in over 100 other films, posited a unique condition for his return to acting. He stated,

"The only thing that could ever lure me to return to the front of the camera as an actor is 'if Nigeria becomes better than America.'"

Okonkwo expressed optimism about Nigeria's potential, highlighting the country's abundant resources and the critical need for effective resource management and allocation to realize its developmental goals.

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