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Kelvin Diamond, Renowned Entrepreneur, Asserts: "Strangers Will Be Your Greatest Allies"

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Prince Jean

Apr 8, 2024

Nigerian Celebrities

Kelvin Offers Guidance to Digital Audience. Photo: @kelvindiamondofficial

Entrepreneur Kelvin Diamond emphasized the surprising sources of support that often emerge on the path to success, pointing out that the most profound encouragement often comes from individuals we've yet to meet. Diamond articulated that these strangers provide unbiased and fresh perspectives, offering more sincere support than even our long-standing friends might.

Diamond elaborated on the notion that our friends, while cherished for companionship and shared memories, might not always champion our aspirations due to underlying feelings of envy or competitive tensions. He observed that in the pursuit of success, there can be moments when friends might subtly undermine our efforts, driven by the fear that our accomplishments might eclipse theirs.

He stated,

“your biggest support would come from strangers. Most of your friends truly never want you to be successful or better than them.”

In a separate narrative, renowned Nollywood actor Sam Dede is spearheading a fundraising initiative for fellow filmmaker Reginald Ebere, who is currently battling severe health issues.

During the revival of the iconic 2001 film "Issakaba," which Reginald penned, actors including Sam Dede and Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, utilized the platform to call for financial aid for Ebere. In a heartfelt appeal shared by actress Iyabo Ojo on Instagram, Dede and Imasuen were featured urging the public to contribute towards Ebere's medical expenses.

Sam Dede shared,

“Reginald Ebere wrote the very first script of Issakaba and incidentally it was I who changed the name of the lead character to Ebube. Today Reginald Ebere is bedridden. He suffered stroke two times but very strong-willed person. He is still moving on but he is a bad shape, If you live in that concept of truth and justice, please let us find a way to support Reginald Ebere. If there is anything you can do to support him, please look him up to support him.”

Following the appeal, Lancelot Oduwa immediately initiated a collection among their colleagues on set, leading to significant donations, with both Dede and Oduwa contributing N100k each to assist the ailing filmmaker.

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