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Kagame Doesn't Hate Hutus, Nor Does He Favor Tutsis?

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Mbeki edmond

Apr 29, 2024

Rwandan Politics

President Paul Kagame shaking hands with Prime Minister Eduard Ngirente: Photo edited by xtrafrica studio

The political landscape in Rwanda under President Paul Kagame is often characterized by intricate and strategic use of ethnic tensions between the Hutu and Tutsi communities. Some view this manipulation as a tactic to maintain power rather than an expression of genuine ethnic animosity.

Critics argue that Kagame does not harbor personal hatred towards the Hutus or a preference for the Tutsis. Instead, it is suggested that he uses both ethnic groups as pawns in a political game to consolidate his rule. This strategy fosters a climate of fear and division, leading to a scenario where each group views the other with suspicion and hostility.

The notion that ethnic hatred is cultivated as a means to an end is evidenced by the treatment of political dissenters, irrespective of their ethnic background. Both Hutu and Tutsi individuals who pose a threat to the regime are reportedly dealt with harshly. This approach underscores the view that the primary concern for the ruling party is not ethnic allegiance but the preservation of its power.

Moreover, incidents like the tragic fate of Kizito Mihigo and the ordeal faced by Diane Rwigara highlight a broader strategy of using ethnic tensions as a shield to protect the ruling elite by preventing a unified opposition. These cases are seen as part of a wider narrative where the manipulation of ethnic identity serves as a tool for political survival rather than a reflection of deep-seated ethnic divisions.

This calculated deployment of ethnic narratives for political gain suggests a cynical view of power where human lives and community cohesion are secondary to the objectives of the ruling elite. It paints a picture of a leadership that prioritizes its survival over the genuine reconciliation and unity of its people

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