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Jesse Mugambi a kenyan Student in Uk wins €50,000 grant to build Sustainable Nightclub and Music Studio in Nairobi

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louis Buyisiwe

Mar 14, 2024

Nightclub and Music

The project, called Studio Can-V, will receive €50,000 (£39,000) from Jägermeister to help fund the venues, made from decommissioned shipping containers in Nairobi. “Having faced challenges in pursuing my own passion for music, I'm driven by the belief that there are countless young and old people longing for opportunities to explore their musical itch,” Mr Mugambi said. The project, developed during his time as an undergraduate at the university, will aim to create a versatile space that transitions from a daytime hub for young DJs to a club
Grant winner Jesse Mugambi, student at University of Brighton

Jesse Mugambi, a University of Brighton master's student in sustainable design, has been awarded a €50,000 grant by Jägermeister to construct Studio Can-V, an innovative nightclub and music studio in Nairobi, Kenya. This project, initially developed during Mugambi's undergraduate studies, leverages decommissioned shipping containers to foster a versatile space that nurtures young musical talent and promotes inclusivity.

Studio Can-V is designed to be a dynamic hub, transforming from a daytime sanctuary for aspiring DJs into a vibrant nightclub, all while championing local craftsmanship and cultural identity through its construction and ethos. Mugambi's vision is to create an environment that empowers individuals to explore and express their musical aspirations freely.

The project's recognition extends beyond its architectural ingenuity, as it underscores the importance of safe and inclusive nightlife spaces for cultural expression and community building. Studio Can-V, chosen from over 300 submissions across 50 countries in Jägermeister’s Save The Night initiative, exemplifies the global movement towards sustainable and community-centric nightlife experiences.

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