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Gunmen Kidnap Nine Students in Kogi, Nigeria Amid Rising Insecurity

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louis Buyisiwe

May 12, 2024

International Attention on Nigeria’s Security Dilemma

Nine students were kidnapped from Confluence University of Science and Technology in Kogi, Nigeria, marking another incident in the country's ongoing battle with armed criminal gangs.
Residents are fleeing Boko Haram attacks and seeking refuge in Bosso, Niger.

Kogi, Nigeria - In a disturbing development, at least nine students were forcibly taken from their classrooms by armed assailants at the Confluence University of Science and Technology in Kogi, Northern Nigeria. The incident, which occurred late Thursday night, has heightened fears as the nation struggles with ongoing insecurity issues.

The Kogi State Government, via Information Commissioner Kingsley Femi Fanwo, confirmed the kidnappings on Friday. He detailed that the students were in the midst of their studies when the gunmen launched their attack. A collaborative search and rescue operation involving local security forces and hunters familiar with the terrain is currently in progress.

This alarming event is part of a broader pattern of kidnappings by criminal gangs in Northern Nigeria. These groups, often heavily armed and lacking any ideological motives, frequently target villagers, students, and motorists to demand ransoms.

Despite efforts, security forces have struggled to curb these violent acts.

The tactic of kidnapping school students was notoriously pioneered by the jihadist group Boko Haram, which famously abducted over 200 girls from a school in Chibok, Borno State, nearly a decade ago. This method has since been adopted by various criminal factions across the region, exacerbating the security crisis.

The community is on high alert, and authorities are urging citizens to report any suspicious activities and cooperate with law enforcement agencies. Educational institutions across Kogi State are being advised to enhance security measures to safeguard students and staff.

The recurring kidnappings have drawn international concern, calling for more effective interventions to protect vulnerable populations, especially in educational settings. The Nigerian government faces increasing pressure to address these security challenges and ensure the safety of its citizens.

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