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Guilavogui Expresses Gratitude to Referee for Life-Saving Intervention

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Prince Jean

Mar 11, 2024


Patrick Ittrich interveining as Guilavogui's tongue obstructed his breathing. Image/antena3

Mainz footballer Josuha Guilavogui has publicly expressed his appreciation towards referee Patrick Ittrich for his prompt action that could have been life-saving during a Bundesliga encounter, following an incident where Guilavogui's tongue obstructed his breathing.

The incident occurred during a game against Bayern Munich when Guilavogui was inadvertently struck in the head by teammate Anthony Caci, rendering him unconscious on the field. Referee Ittrich quickly intervened, placing Guilavogui in the recovery position and adjusting his tongue to clear his airway, a move credited with potentially saving the player's life.

“Ittrich, emphasizing the urgency of the situation, remarked, “We must act quickly, there is no praise to be given.” Guilavogui, in a message of thanks shared on X on Sunday, acknowledged the swift actions of Ittrich, his teammates, and the medical team from Mainz, highlighting the critical role they played in his recovery.

Despite the frightening incident, Mainz's struggle in the league continued, as they suffered an 8-1 defeat to Bayern Munich, leaving them in a precarious position within the Bundesliga relegation zone.

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