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Global Economist Jeffrey Sachs in Uganda for Key Talks with President Museveni

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louis Buyisiwe

Feb 26, 2024

Strategic Discussions Aimed at Boosting Uganda's Economic Sustainability and Growth

Professor Jeffrey Sachs, a luminary in global economics and sustainable development, has commenced a landmark three-day visit to Uganda. Invited by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Sachs' journey from the U.S. to Uganda symbolizes a bridge between global expertise and local aspirations.

Upon arrival, Sachs, alongside his spouse Dr. Sonia Sachs, was greeted by the Prime Minister in Kampala. This visit isn't just a formality; it's a meeting of minds, with Uganda's top officials like Investment Minister Evelyn Anite and Public Service Minister Grace Mary Mugasa engaging in crucial talks with Sachs.

Sachs isn't here for sightseeing. His agenda is packed with high-level discussions with President Museveni, First Lady Janet Museveni, and other key figures. A highlight is the policy dialogue at Makerere University, focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), showcasing Sachs' commitment to actionable change.

Sachs isn't just any expert. As the brain behind the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network and a guiding force for several UN Secretaries-General, his work in poverty eradication, climate change, and economic stability has touched lives worldwide, earning him global accolades like the Blue Planet Prize.

At Columbia University, Sachs continues to inspire as the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development, holding the prestigious title of University Professor. His leadership at the Earth Institute has left a lasting impact across 125 countries, making him a true global citizen.

What do you think about Sachs' visit to Uganda? How can global expertise fuel local development? Share your thoughts using #xtrafrica and let's spark a dialogue on sustainable development that benefits us all!

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