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Ghana Aspires for Lasting Legacy from African Games Amid Economic Challenges

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Prince Jean

Mar 15, 2024

African Games

Unity and Triumph: Celebrating the Spirit of Africa through Games. @cnr

The 13th African Games are currently underway in Ghana, but the high cost of hosting the event during a time of economic turmoil has drawn scrutiny.

Despite the nation’s heavy debt burden, high inflation rates, and the effects of the regional cost of living crisis, Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo remains optimistic. During the opening ceremony in Accra, he expressed that the legacy of hosting the Games will far outlive the country’s current economic troubles.

The decision to host the Games, which had been postponed from last year due to a disagreement over marketing rights, has resulted in significant investments in sporting infrastructure. Notably, the Borteyman Sports Complex, constructed at a cost of $145 million, stands as one of Ghana’s major achievements. Additionally, the University of Ghana Stadium was upgraded, the athletes’ village renovated, and funds allocated for organizing the 16-day event.

While challenges like power outages and delays have arisen, the Games serve as a historic moment for Ghana, hosting the African Games for the first time and providing a legacy that transcends economic difficulties.


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