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France injects shs12 trillion ($3 billion) investment to Uganda.

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Feb 29, 2024

Uganda-France business relations at climax

For an image related to the content you provided, the alt text could be:  "French Ambassador Xavier Sticker and Ugandan Minister of Foreign Affairs Gen. Jeje Odongo shaking hands at the Ministry Headquarters in Kampala, symbolizing the $3 billion investment commitment from France to Uganda, with the backdrop of the Ugandan flag and a gold nugget representing Uganda's recent significant gold discoveries.
Xavier Sticker the current French Ambassador in Uganda

France has committed to a significant investment in Uganda, allocating $3 billion (approximately 12 trillion Ugandan shillings) over the next three years, targeting critical sectors including agriculture and oil & gas. This announcement was made during a meeting between the French Ambassador to Uganda, Xavier Sticker, and Uganda's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gen. Jeje Odongo, held at the Ministry's headquarters in Kampala on February 27, 2024.

The discussions, aimed at bolstering the bilateral ties and cooperative efforts between the two nations, were described as productive. France's investment is seen as a gesture of its strong commitment to aiding Uganda's socio-economic advancement. Minister Odongo expressed his gratitude for this substantial investment, highlighting it as a testament to the deep-seated friendship and partnership between Uganda and France. He emphasized the pivotal role this investment would play in propelling Uganda towards its developmental aspirations and enhancing the quality of life for its populace.

Both parties reiterated their dedication to maintaining open dialogue and working collaboratively towards common goals, thereby strengthening the robust partnership that exists between the two countries.

In a related development, Uganda has recently been in the spotlight for its significant gold discoveries, which are expected to have a substantial impact on the country's economic landscape and potentially attract further international investments. This new gold find underscores Uganda's growing prominence as a key player in the global mining sector.

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