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Exposed Conversation Between Queen and Lord Lamba Becomes Widely Circulated

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Prince Jean

Mar 12, 2024

Nigerian Celebrities

Leaked Messages Between Nigerian Entertainer Lord Lamba and BBNaija's Queen Mercy Atang. Image/@lordlamba

A leaked exchange of messages between prominent Nigerian content creator Lord Lamba, real name Promise Kelvin Anagbogu, and Big Brother Naija star Queen Mercy Atang, who is also the mother of his child, has sparked a significant online debate. The conversation, which surfaced on various social media platforms, sheds light on their co-parenting challenges and financial responsibilities towards their daughter, Keila.

Lord Lamba said; “Hi Queen I have been trying to reach out to you, I sent you some funds for upkeep you didn’t reply, I wanted to see my child you didn’t reply either, got information about your engagement, congratulations anyways but now is when I need close attention to my child, so your husband to be is not seen as the father, you have to understand am doing all these for the sake of my daughter it is my right, we will have to result in consulting the law for a proper co-parenting of our child. Congratulations once again.”

The discussion initiated with Lord Lamba congratulating Queen on her recent engagement and highlighting his intentions to establish a co-parenting arrangement to ensure his presence in their daughter's life. Lord Lamba expressed concerns over his limited access to Keila and his readiness to pursue legal avenues to affirm his parental rights, emphasizing the importance of his role in his daughter's upbringing.

Contrary to Lord Lamba's claims of financial support and involvement, the Queen's response unveiled a different reality. She pointed out that Lord Lamba had contributed a nominal sum of N150,000 for Keila's upkeep since the beginning of the year and had shown minimal interest in their daughter's welfare. Queen's rebuttal painted a picture of Lord Lamba's sporadic involvement and her efforts to encourage a stronger bond between father and daughter.

Queen wrote: “Since after Keilah’s birthday to almost the end of January, you have sent your daughter only 150k for upkeep, you’ve not bothered about the wellbeing of your daughter Keilah. Neither have you asked about her or bothered to check up on her… ……you’re never tired of lies. I’m still surprised you suddenly want to be close to your child, after so much begging from months back.”

The public disclosure of this private conversation has led to widespread criticism of Lord Lamba, with many internet users questioning his commitment to his paternal duties, especially in light of his recent expressions of concern following the Queen's engagement news. This incident highlights the complexities of co-parenting in the public eye and the scrutiny faced by public figures in their personal lives.

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