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Ex-Sundowns Star Lungisani Ndlela Now Serving as Correctional Officer in Mpumalanga, Receives Praise from South African Public

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Prince Jean

Mar 12, 2024


Lungisani Ndlela, a football Icon who doesn't regret to leave football for Correctional Service Job. Image/sln24

Not all footballers find their path beyond the pitch. Lungusani Ndlela stands out as a notable exception, gaining attention for his achievements off the field.

Former Bafana Bafana footballer Lungisani Ndlela transitioned from a celebrated sports career to becoming a correctional officer, a choice he does not regret.

Ndlela, who once graced the fields for top teams and the national squad, found a new calling in the Department of Correctional Services, prioritizing his family's well-being over the allure of football fame. Friends close to him affirm his contentment with this life decision, highlighting his adaptability and commitment to family.

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