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Ethiopia Emerging as Key Destination for French Companies: Chamber Chair

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Ayize claire

Jun 28, 2024

French Chamber Returns to Ethiopia After 90 Years

French Ethiopian Chamber Chair

 Ethiopia is rapidly becoming a prime destination for the expansion of French companies on the African continent, according to Olivier Poujade, Chairman of the French Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI France International). Speaking at an event marking the induction of the former French Business Association in Ethiopia (CAFE) into the esteemed CCI France International network, Poujade highlighted the significance of this development.

Poujade noted that the integration into the international chamber network marks the historic return of CCI FI to Ethiopia after a 90-year absence. The first French Chamber of Commerce was established in Ethiopia in 1932, and the recent reintegration signifies a reconnection after nearly a century. Poujade emphasized France's longstanding connection with Ethiopian development, underscoring the renewed commitment to fostering business relationships and supporting economic growth in Ethiopia.

French Ambassador to Ethiopia, Remi Marechaux, echoed these sentiments, recalling the establishment of the first chamber of commerce in Ethiopia in 1932. He highlighted the diverse activities initiated by France in the region, including contributions to railway, industry, trade, and telecommunication sectors. Marechaux reiterated France's dedication to supporting Ethiopia's ongoing economic reforms through the active engagement of the French Development Agency.

CCI France International, a prominent network connecting French chambers of commerce worldwide, plays a crucial role in fostering international business relationships and supporting French enterprises globally. The reintegration of the French Ethiopian Chamber into this network is a testament to Ethiopia's growing importance as a destination for French businesses seeking to expand their presence in Africa.

This development is expected to further strengthen the economic ties between France and Ethiopia, promoting increased investment and collaboration in various sectors. As Ethiopia continues to implement economic reforms and attract international businesses, the renewed partnership with CCI France International is poised to contribute significantly to the country's economic growth and development.

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